January 23, 2017

5:45  First lamb check of the new year and a new season in our lives.  There are two ewes in their nice bedded “nest” but no action yet.  I am looking forward to this season.

New life, new beginnings, new purpose.  The sheep look very good this year.  Filled out and in great condition.  The wool was sheared in January and the bulk of it is at a mill for processing.  The rest will be prepared and shipped out tomorrow.

The milking house is just about ready to go.  New plastic and rubber parts being installed and the entire mechanism was taken apart and cleaned so it should be running smoother than ever.

The Cheese facility is always ready now.  It has a new home in town.  It stays clean and does not freeze in cold weather  and never hit 96 degrees last summer, it is spacious and dedicated to making cheese.

Now we await the first lambs of the season to shout the start of the new year…….New New New New I see a recurring theme here.  We are at a great place.  We have a great team of workers, a nice cheese facility and the retail shop and yarn store to show the world what dairy sheep can do.

Now we wait on those irresistible new lambs.

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