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January 23, 2017

5:45  First lamb check of the new year and a new season in our lives.  There are two ewes in their nice bedded “nest” but no action yet.  I am looking forward to this season. New life, new beginnings, new purpose.  The sheep look very good this year.  Filled out and in great condition.  The…

September 22, 2015 Made it to base camp…..again

September 22, 2015

We have made a store.  We are this close to opening our cheese shop and yarn store.  Grand opening will be in a month.  Soft opening as we can.  The electrical inspection passed today.  The next few inspections will fall into place, the coffee machine connected and put into use, and the cheese ready to sell.  The yarn shelves are full and beautiful.  All is so close.

We have spent 9 months stripping and tearing into a building built in 1910.  The old girl looks good, much better than when we started.

Black Sheep Creamery's photo.

The walls came down and the floor was patched, the electrical all made new.  I can’t even begin to think about all that has been done.  New walls, new ceilings, the skylights are being reworked, the creamery has a new floor with a center drain.  The Front has been painted a beautiful gray and red brick color.  All with so much help and encouragement!  I will have more pictures soon.  We have come so far with so much help and so much enthusiasm from our community we are Thankful and blessed to be here.

Jess is back with us and will be in charge of cheese sales.  Kathy Green is our partner in the Yarn store and has been busy building inventory and readying all the product for the move to the new facility.

We feel we have once again made it to Base Camp.  Each new venture and each new turn in our lives reveals what is left of the mountain to climb.  it has been a fantastic hike.  Beauty all around, some steep and tough parts, sometimes we felt like we were coasting along.  More to come, but for now, rest and recovery and a small glimpse into the crazinesss of this year. All of this was not possible without good farm help, wonderful friends, and a supportive community!

December 28, 2014

It is the end of a very long year…..there have been a lot of lessons.  In the hope that we have learned from our mistakes we head into 2015 with renewed courage and HUGE plans. Black Sheep Creamery will have a home in town. It will be several months as we need to get through…