Black Sheep Creamery cheeses are fine hand-crafted sheep milk cheeses from the milk of our flock, raised on our pasture in Western Washington and the milk we have been able to purchase from the Tin Willows Farm in Eastern Oregon. This unique combination brings the definition of Terroir, the Taste of Place, to your table.

available November through May
IMG_3700Baasque is a Basque region cheese we developed through a French recipe. This cheese has a smooth pale yellow paste with a sharp sweet taste. The all-sheep cheese has a wonderful full body that continues to develop on the tongue. Unlike the smooth paste of the Adnatou, the Baasque also has refined crystals with a delicate crunch.

available year-round
This cheese uses the same recipe we developed for the Baasque but is a cow sheep milk blend. This hard aged cheese has a creamier paste than the Baasque with meaty, salty, umami notes.



available year-round
IMG_3936Enchante is our twist on a Robiola-style cheese with a smooth creamy paste and bright acidic and vanilla notes. This cheese is a sheep-cow blend and is aged from one to four week, depending on your tastes, to develop a beautiful white and red bloomy rind.


Fresh Sheep
available March-August
IMG_5156Out fresh sheep cheese has been a long time favorite and because its season is so short, we are in high demand! Only three days pass from the moment we milk our sheep to the moment our cheese is ready to eat. This incredibly smooth creamy cheese can be spread on toasted bagels or melted into pasta. Additionally, we also blend herbs and spices with our fresh cheese to create delicious combinations of sweet and savory. Grab it while you can!

available year round
Our all-sheep feta is cured in it’s own whey for about a year. The sharp bright bite of this salty sheep feta is perfect for salads, sandwiches or on it’s own drizzled with your favorite olive oil.

available February to August
We made small batches of our Ricotta for custom orders only. This changes the way you will ever think about ricotta. It emerges from our vat in the sweet silky threads to be briefly drained in cheesecloth before delivery. Our Ricotta is best eaten within one week.

Mopsy’s Best
available June to March
Mopsy’s Best has two or three distinct notes that wake up and roll over your tongue and hit you once again just when you think you you’ve experienced its full flavor. Mopsy’s Best is one of most mild cheeses. allowing the natural flavors of the Sheep milk to come through beautifully.

St Helens
available July-December
IMG_5169St Helens is a washed curd cheese that develops a beautiful natural rind which is brushed with B Linens to impart an extra bit of flavor.



available June to September
This young Pecorino, similar to a Pecorino Toscano. It has a mellow mild smooth paste with a subtle sharp flavor.

also available October to December as “Middle aged” Pecorino pleasantly smooth and firm with a bite but not quite the age of the “aged” Pecorin.

also available November to May
Aged from 7-12 months, our aged Pecorino imparts a rich nutty, salty flavor for warm wintery dishes eaten while waiting for Spring to arrive. Perfect for grating over your favorite pastas and stews or nibbling on with your favorite red wine.

Tin Willow Tomme
available December 2014
IMG_5173Tin Willow Tomme is produced from the milk of Terry Felda at the Tin Willow Farm in Lexington Oregon. From the Tin Willow Farm comes a distinct and wonderful milk that brings grass and sage flavor to the cheese.



  2 comments for “Cheese

  1. Linda Goodman
    March 28, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    Is the fresh sheep that only comes out a few of the year vegetarian friendly? Thank you

  2. Patty Holm
    September 23, 2022 at 7:11 pm

    Do you carry habanero cheese and if you do how much is it

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