By February each year, our lambing season begins. With about 160 lambs on their way,lambing season consists of many sleepless nights and endless feedings for our sweet new lambs. We leave our lambs with their mamas to get the best nutrition possible before we wean them to a bottle.

snowflakes figure

Our lambs share large open pens in our warm old barn until they reach four weeks of age. At this point, we set them loose to the open pastures. With a whole new world of smells and sights, some take to their new space more easily than others but soon enough we see them leaping around and basking in warm patches of sunshine.


It is rare that a day goes by without a few cars slowing down to watch the lambs explore their pastures. We find it hard to pass a field without slowing down ourselves.


We sell our lambs for breeding as well as for meat at a variety of ages.
If you are interested in purchasing a lamb, or several, please email us!

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  1. John harrell
    August 7, 2022 at 6:54 pm

    I would like to know how and when to buy one lamb

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