The Sheep


On average we have about 80 ewes and 4 rams. During lambing that number jumps up to about 245 wonderful animals in our old barn!

Through most of the season, our sheep are grass-fed on our own land. Through the cold winter months and in the milking parlor, their diet is supplemented with a mixed grain and alfalfa that we purchase from a local source. Our sheep do not receive chemicals or hormones but do get their appropriate vaccines each year.


IMG_2450Each season before lambing begins, all of our sheep are sheered, get their hooves trimmed and are given a vitamin E vaccine.

feeding style 1



For the next three months, we all transition to shorter sleeping cycles and long hours of lambing, milking and making cheese. In the short cold months before spring our season has begun!

  2 comments for “The Sheep

  1. April 2, 2023 at 4:56 pm

    I am looking to expand our flock and am very interested in your operation . Do you have any young ewes for sale? I am located in Eastern Washington.

  2. Robert Kilbourne
    September 10, 2022 at 9:53 pm

    Hello. My freshman son would like to get a couple ewes and a Ram to raise as milk sheep for FFA. We have a 3/4 acre pasture with barn. We live just outside of Mount Angel Oregon in the Willamette valley. My son (Sawyer) is very interested in getting East Frisian sheep. We would love and appreciate any information or help you could offer. If you have sheep available for sale we have a stock trailer that we can transport them in. It looks like you’re a few hours away. Also we have very little experience with sheep, although we have had cows and I grew up on a horse ranch, I would definitely say we are novices on raising sheep. Thank you for your time.
    Robert Kilbourne.

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